Anonymous whispered:
Do you draw any guro anymore (0-0)

yeah i do! i just dont show everything on here ´ v `

also i had a lot to do lately so i hadn’t any time to continue the challenge

which is also a project i want to do in my own pace

Anonymous whispered:
What made you want to draw yaoi????


these doujinshi did actually

i read a lot of awful doujinshi on a german website when i first started reading webcomics and was like ‘ew’ because …… to be honest 2007 wasnt the time of good webcomics. for the western doujinshi at least

but then my friend showed me this omG ADUL T YAOI WEBSITE which also had a lot of soft shonen-ai and i fell in love U///q///U

Anonymous whispered:
It's nice being German, isn't it?

Umm yeah.. it’s okay? lmao

I mean, i think I would have it a lot worse if I didnt move here?

I get to live a rather comfortable life with a lot of insurances and stuff and I dont starve thanks to the studentloan education support thing and get to study what i want with only having like 18k euro dept

so yeah




Hi everyone!

After one year I’m publishing the sequel called “remorse” of my BL oneshot “remains”!

I received a lot of feedback and got asked a lot whether there are some manga left and because there aren’t I decided to print  a second edition of “remains” right on time for the second chapter of the story of those three boys ê v ê!

You can also read “remains” online 


About “remains”

  • 5.8 x 8.3 inch / DIN A5
  • booklet with overall 32 pages

·         the book costs 5€ / 7$  (incl. packing)


About “remorse”

  • 5.8 x 8.3 inch / DIN A5
  • booklet with overall 48 pages

·         the book costs 6€ / 8$  (incl. packing)


For both

  • language is English
  • the genre is BL and drama
  • rated 16+ due to yaoi and certain topics

·         the shipping costs are 3,50€ / 4,50$ for international orders (orders from Germany are as usual 1,50€)

·         shipping costs stay the same if you order them together

·         “remains” will be shipped in the first September week and “remorse” (or if you order both) will be shipped at the end of September

·         Preorders end on 1st of September!


On the preordering process

  • if you’re interested in one or more booklets please write me a fanmail with your name and adress (include country!) and the number of books you want to order and whether you want a personal dediaction
  • I will then send you my paypal and wait for your payment
  • after I received all payments I will close the orders and keep you updated when they arrive and when I’ll send them to you
  • first 10 peeps will get a free aceo print of Koki and Hisato

Feel free to ask me anything, if you still have any questions!

two weeks left! ´ v `/

four more days! go go go

quick keychain doodle

just so i could record it…………. ha.

Anonymous whispered:
pears senpai, where exactly do you go to uni? = v =

in Kassel ´  v ` /

i was bored, soooo…. feel free to do this too ´ v `/

-Blog Name
-Favourite colour
-Favourite Band
-Favourite number
-Favourite drink

yep yep yep new favo OC for feckin sure mmm

oversexualized genderbender oh man but im having so much fun rping with risasscrap and odval on tegaki

you dont even have a CLUE how bored i am rn

rolls into the universe

Anonymous whispered:
sorry to bother you ? but i have a quick art question for you ~ how did you install your most used pts brushes ? i saw this one post you made that have the settings for your most used pts brushes , but where did you get the brushes ? or did you make them ?

uh @ v @
I dont… quite….. get what you mean…….
i mean….. i posted the settings…….
you just have to adjust your brushes

or dont you know how to make new brushes in sai? in that case it’s right click on an empty brush slot or on another brush to duplicate ;;;;;;;;;;;;

there was once a pears that took some commissions a long long time ago

and today she finished them


doodled something quick in manga studio to test out the pen i made myself

but i think ill stick to SAI though haha

its gotten colder lately and suddently im drawing a summer motif. i see??

playing around with colors and color techniques!

Anonymous whispered:
I don't understand. ;-; I can't get it to work! Can you write out the steps for me?

You write the thing you want and selct it with the magic wand thing


then you go to Selection > Increment (or expand selection)


and expand as much as you like

then you make a new layer under your current one and fill in the selection



Anonymous whispered:
Hi! I hate to bug you, but can I ask an art question? How, when you write, make it one color with another color outline? Can you do it in SAI?


hope you understand everything in the gif!

in some versions it’s also named “expand selection by 1px” or something!