"Marry someone who accepts you and your gay porn."

- My older sister with boyfriend issues (via thelifeofyaoi)
Anonymous whispered:
Ur art is amazing! I luv it!!! <333

thank you very much!!! ; O ; ♥

oh yeah i made that sketch as well but ill never finish iiiiiiiiit

~dances out of the internet~

I’m not saying you have a terrible fashion sense but I’m saying you have a terrible fashion sense

i always forget that those two had something as well haha 
never made a pic with them together before 

its so relieving to do something sketchy after lining clean mangapages U A U  

Anonymous whispered:
Where abouts in Germany are you from? ^.^

I’m from Kassel in Hessen, where the Connichi is ´ v `/

im teaching my flatmate some historic kpop… whether she wants to or not isnt for her to decide

if you’re wondering why im so absent lately ´ v `;;;;;;;;;;; 

my flatmate Anna and I are 5’3” on a good day but we’re somekind of used to it

there’s a challenge going on on the german artsy side of facebook right now where you have to exaggerate all your major stylistic elements

(psssssst they all look like weird aliens and i permanently cry at my dash)

theihe whispered:
Do you have a blog that is art only? Or do you tag reblogs as anything? (Ur art is rad af btw)

that is in fact my artblog ´ v `;;;;;;
I reblog stuff from time to time but not as often as I used to haha and I dont really tag my reblogs.. would that be better?

I thought it would be enough to tag my art stuff

and thank you! ´ 7 `/

Anonymous whispered:
Hey magst du one piece ? Wenn ja kannst du Vllt luffy x nami zeichnen?

phew ich war nich mehr up to date mit OP seit 2008 haha
Luffy x Nami mag ich nich so, aber hier hast du sie gerne als Nakama


thats how the screentones will look like! hopefully
Manga Studio pls dont fail me now

that’s the last WIP for a while now ´ v`;