finished x 7 x
just lemme crawl into my bed now pls

i want to do paint coloring so baaaaad

but im just so baaaaad at it hahahahahaha and it takes like 3 times longer than my usual coloring technique fuckkkkk

BECK Speedpaint of Koyuki!
because I’m having BECK feels as usual, because this manga / anime / movie will stay for me foREVER like for real

i wanted to paint thiiiis but now i like the lines too much to draw over them HRMRMRHRM what to doooo

Anonymous whispered:
Have you sent out all the pre orders for "remains" and "remorse?" And if so, do you know how long it takes to usually ship?? Thanks!!

nooooo i’m so sorry, but i havent yet!!! ´  A ` ;;;;;;;;;

but the printing is in progress rn and the books should arrive by next week

I’ll send them out asap and they should arrive like…. in a week i think!!

i’m really sorry again! ; V ;

A flyer Illustration i did last month for the German Anime & Manga community “Animexx”

Quick thing I did in the evening with poor light
what I’ve learned: copics won’t blend on moleskine paper haha

please listen to sasanomaly’s new song Onomatopoeia Megane!

We have that assignment in Uni where we have to draw a story about our own live in 30 years and it’s something I really don’t want to think about _( :3 / L )_

colored aceo card version of the Miku Sora no Sakana pic i did for inktober 1! ´ v` /

last commission i did!!

this is what i’ve been learning bone structure for!!!!!! finally its paying offf!!!! AW YEEEE

I hate it if I want to just use the paper for something experimental and the paper is bad from the beginning and then the sketch turns out good ;-;

well I guess I’ll work on it digitally

randomly filling my sketchbook because if it’s full, i get to buy a new one sdkfgkjsdfgjksf

halloweenish mood? i think

right one inspired by

inktober no. 4 ;;;;;;;;

i’ll be playing again now…….. /crawls into bed

Anonymous whispered:
How did you get so good at anatomy? I really like drawing but every time i try to draw bodies they look off... Ps i love all ur artwork

aw thank you!

well i get the feeling that i wasn’t too bad at it from the begining? like some kids drew figures with heads 4 times larger than the body and arms coming out of the stomach or something and i figured the whole thing out pretty quick (of course it wasn’t GOOD, but it was not TOO BAD, so i was better off than others) 
and I guess the fact that i’m drawing people standing around since i was a 6 year old

but the best way to learn anatomy is and will for ever be practice : T
watching people, drawing people, study books (like from Bammes) about muscles and bones, remember the guidelines about anatomy (how many heads etc, both arms stretched out from the body is the overall height, the middle of the body is just above the crotch, etc)

and just remember that the human brain needs about 2 years to make your hand draw what your mind understood

and finally: don’t give up and keep going! ´ v ` /