Anonymous whispered:
do you ever wish to bekome allmighty?

who doesnt

heck that’d be cool

i dont do requests

when i do, i announce it first, sorry brah

Anonymous whispered:
magst du fisch?

im very confused aber ja

that was way more than i expected 

my hand is dead but it was worth it 
thanks for coming by and watching the stream and sending me asks!

everybody lets goooooo


Jams to anime openings


its all kind of wobbly and uncontrolled, but i can still draw

thank you, guys U A U 

well its rather embarrassing, because i actually squeezed my finger while working with a paper cutter machine at uni 

its an open fracture, so it will take a while til its fully healed but im figuring out a way how i can draw already ´ v´;;;; 

in case youre wondering why i still wont upload anything new, after i just recieved my new tablet pen 


Anonymous whispered:
Was willst du eigentlich nach dem Studium machen, falls ich fragen darf? ´ 7 ` Ich möchte nämlich in der Zukunft etwas machen, das mit Kunst zu tun hat, aber ich habe um ehrlich zu sein noch keine Ahnung was, haha;;

um gottes willen, keine ahnung

ich hab zum glück noch 4 jahre zu studieren, vielleicht fällt mir dann noch was ein

obwohl ich ja schon gerne irgendwie freelance illustrator wär, aber das klingt zunehmend immer mehr nach nem märchen

excuse me, dhl man, do you have a tissue for me? 

Comic-y project for uni u v u
Our fundies class is working on a book for summer atm!

I’ll finish the whole thing on Monday and then I’ll show you what the prince was all about